Advantage of video collaboration
during video production

Given the heightened presence of video content today, it’s becoming increasingly used as a means for business development as well as personal expression. As 300 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube alone every minute, the desire for your video to stand out against others necessitates advanced production methods and procedures. Collaboration is a key component of producing a quality, memorable video, as different figures bring varieties of expertise to the table. Video production shouldn’t be an isolated effort due to the many nuances of the workflow, and teamwork will nearly always produce the best results.

Still unconvinced? Read on to learn about the benefits of collaborating during the production of video materials.
Time efficiency
Video production is a results-driven work process, and timely edits and updates are needed for the production to move swiftly and stay on schedule. Online collaboration allows film professionals to complete projects faster instead of having to wait on dated methods of communication like file sending and FTP uploads.

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Cloud-based collaborative platforms are elemental in streamlining the process of video production. Changes are automatically saved to the cloud, thus avoiding lost works in progress and saving you much needed space on your hard drive. Furthermore, other collaborators’ output will be instantly accessible within the platform, no matter when or from where they are working. You’ll also be able to access the work in progress from any computer, not just the desktop at work or your laptop at home.

Lower budget
A faster turnaround saves everyone in the production cycle a lot of time, and time equals money. Furthermore, in line with globalization, outsourcing allows video producers to scout for talent and view the portfolios of film industry professionals all around the world. Different countries have different salary expectations, and the workload given to a freelancer can help you cut costs, thus appropriating funds for another initiative within the workflow.

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The global nature of today’s technology allows talent from far-flung locales to offer their professional services over the web. The diverse range of talent allows different techniques, perspectives, and styles to be offered to the film production. The use of international talent also expands your range of contacts, setting up the possibility of future collaborations and networking with a diverse range of professionals.

By maintaining a dialogue within a collaborative video platform, concrete feedback is linked to footage. On-the-spot comments and freehand markers within these platforms pinpoint exactly what changes need to be made to the video content and where. Since the comments are concrete and their execution is clear, resolving edits becomes fast and easy.

Happier clients
The figures financing the production will feel more at ease if they’re updated with new drafts of video output. Regular check-ins via digital collaboration will eliminate the need for formal meetings, therefore freeing up more time for actual work on the video. The more your clients feel that they’re assuming active roles in the workflow, the more satisfied they will be and the less room you will have for error.

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