The Perfect Video Annotation Tool for
The Perfect Post Production Workflow


According to Wikipedia, an annotation is a comment, explanation or presentational markup attached to text or image, referring to a specific part of the original data.

Annotations are already widely used by teams collaborating over documents, presentations, and even code. Recently, this ability was adopted by the video industry, enabling production teams to collaborate over videos.

Video annotation

LookAt, the collaborative cloud for video makers.

Annotations have become a prime source of collaboration on both personal and professional levels, leading the way for easy teamwork and streamlined communication. Given the relatively recent influx of online video content (thanks in large part to YouTube’s conception in 2005), technologies are constantly emerging to meet the expanding needs of videographers, producers, and editors. One study suggests that by 2018, video content will account for an astounding 79% of all online traffic, thus putting advancements in video production at the forefront of the digital conversation.

Annotate with LookAt

Just as annotations assist collaborators on Google Docs for viewing, editing, and suggesting changes for texts, this level of efficiency is slowly but surely increasing its presence into videos. Annotations can be made over (1) drafts of a video in the midst of production and (2) the final completed video. In the first case, annotation tools can prove to be an invaluable resource to
video professionals assisting the creative workflow. It’s an effective route for creative discussions and generating references. The more sophisticated annotation tools will allow specifics to be pinpointed directly on top of the frame with a freehand drawing tool.

There are many advantages to being able to annotate over a video: ­

  • eliminate guessing games by communicating about visuals in a direct, spot­ on manner
  • be pixel accurate with your feedback, ensuring no minor detail is left unattended
  • use the video as a sketchpad to clearly share your vision in a centralized source
  • doing without the necessity of the “Alt+Print Screen” command

Annotation tools greatly improve communication during production, as in­-app/in-­platform commentary reduces time spent sifting through notes from outside sources. Another great draw of video annotations is the ability to write a comment or a personal note on a specific moment. Instead of making oblique references to proposed changes, confusion is abated by visual markers of desired edits. Since this annotation will be on a specific frame, it will make it through any further edits in the future. Your frame still needs to be accessible in order to create markups, which may seem like a challenge at first. A variety of tools are available for your aid, however, which makes the task much less daunting than it may appear.

In all, video annotation tools make editing suggestions more tangible and easily accessible for conceptualization and realization. This direct viewing of annotations within the chosen platform decreases the chances of confusion and poorly communicated ideas, promoting a more stable and successful creative workflow.

Annotate with LookAt