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Recap 2015: 10 Coolest Tech Tools for the Futuristic Video Maker

2015 has ushered in some truly amazing video technologies.

These 10 cutting-edge advancements have brought video-making to a whole new level.

Check out this 2015 recap and see what cool tech tools you may have missed.

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Top Video Marketplaces That will Hire you Today

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Are you an ambitious video maker searching for a way to get hired by video marketplaces doing what you love? Are you ready to start making videos for paying customers?

Good, because we’re about to tell you everything you’ll need to know about the video marketplaces and why they are looking for people just like you.

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How to Be a Professional Video Editor

As both the popularity of online videos as well as developments in the film industry continue to gain momentum, the demand for professional video editors is as hot as ever. Recent statistics show that nearly 25% of film editors are self-employed, and these days it’s easy and inexpensive to have all the tools you need to kickstart a budding career.

 If you’re interested in taking your interest or hobby to the professional level, read on to see what it takes to be a marketable video editor in today’s video making industry.

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