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October’s Best Independent Video – Fire breathing in bullet time

We think this filming technique is so cool we had to write about it. Mitch Martinez is a talented cinematographer / indie filmmaker from Philadelphia. He got our attention with these two sensational videos titled “Inferno”, and “Light Painting”.

Filmed at the Hill Theatre Studio in New Jersey with a total of 50 s. Mitch explained that absolutely no CGI animation or VFX was used in the making of these videos all the imagery has been created in the camera. Read more

August’s Best Independent Video “Skateboarding Scotland in 4K”

“AHEAD’s Skateboarding Scotland in 4K”

Usually when you think of a skateboarding video, you probably say OK, well this is going to be just like all of the other ones. It usually captures skaters landing tricks and that is about it. But not in this one! In the first installment of “ AHEAD’s series ” directed by, Daniel Mildner and Dennis Gotz, the filmmakers provide a relaxed view of Scotland’s landscape and its wildlife mixed with skateboarding. It is utterly spectacular! The feeling this video gives you is as if you are flying from side to side on the open road. The team’s abstract shots are diverse with the wide angle view of Scotland’s outstanding countryside. The editing is seamless and the composition is picture-perfect.

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July’s Best Independent Video

July’s best independent video is here!

Roy Adin is a young independent video maker specializing in captivating audiences through imaginative special effects. His videos use creativity and quirkiness to challenge the status quo in a way that is both entertaining and clever. Adin’s most famous videos include Jumping through the Screens, Driving Drawing, and Control the Sun. See below to find out what inspires this young artist.

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June’s Monthly Independent Filmmaker Series – Star Wars: Emergence

Crowdfunding initiatives like Kickstarter are becoming increasingly popular with independent filmmakers. These independent, audience-funded productions allow for heightened creative and executive control by the video artists over their materials. Crowdfunding also engages the film’s audience on a much more personal level, generating a level of interest and participation that makes production a much richer collaborative process.

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May’s Monthly Independent Filmmakers Series – Riot House’s “I Am Dominica”

We’re excited to launch another monthly series that will explore great video output by independent filmmakers.

For May, we chose “I Am Dominica” by French production studio Riot House.

We had the opportunity to interview Adi Bessac and Damien Bour of Riot House to get a feel for the making of their video.

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