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Talon interview with LookAt’s Co-Founder & CEO, Jonathan Gur Zeev

Companies working regularly with file sharing and collaboration platforms are definitely characterized by higher efficiency than others. This is true especially if working in remote teams, because the collaboration facilitates constant communication between the employees, making up for distance and time differences, creating a virtual space shared by all, working as a single unit. This high efficiency most definitely reflects itself in better service, products, and revenues accordingly

Read here What our CEO has to say about the usefulness of file sharing and remote collaboration

Jonathan gur zeev, LookAt CEO co-founder


LookAt supports 100+ file formats

Great news! LookAt now supports over 100 file formats – Audio, Images, text, presentation, PDF and many many more – All with full commenting and versioning capabilities. You can share, comment, draw and flip between versions, just like in any video format.

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Top 6 Best Video Editing Software

Gone are the days of inefficient, time-consuming methods that plagued our industry’s forefathers, such as video tape-to-tape linear editing and the imprecise razorblade method. A filmmaker has the option of becoming their own editor now that it’s easier than ever to learn video editing software.

With so many consumer and professional level software to choose from, there are some considerations when choosing the editing software that’s right for you. User-friendliness, special effects packages, hardware compatibility and cost are some main factors. While brand loyalty and familiarity with a certain software are also likely to guide your decision. Remember that you don’t have to make a lifelong commitment to just one, especially since new improvements and developments are constantly announced. Read more

LookAt Meets Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects!

Big news! Today we are launching our new seamless integration with both Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects! Enjoy all the benefits of a review and collaboration tool right within your Adobe interface and throughout the entire project – from first cut to compositing and finishing!

As every video editor knows, editing is not necessarily the hardest part of the job. It is many times the back and forth review and approval by clients process that can be the most challenging and tedious part. Exporting, emailing, trying to make sure that you fully understand what the comments you received are referring to… so much hassle and room for miscommunication. Until today.

Our new review panel for Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects puts an end to the mess. Letting you focus on what you do best – edit amazing videos. The rest is on us.

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Free Exhibit Guest Pass for NAB (National Association for Broadcasters)

This year we are headed to NAB (National Association for Broadcasters) April 16-21st and we want you to come with us! Grab a free exhibit guest pass ($150 value.) Limited amount available. First come, first serve. Code #LV8662. Register on the NAB website and put in the code.

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