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New Year, New Look. Version 2.0

Collaborate, share, discuss your videos the way you want! 

At LookAt, we know video collaboration is a team effort, that’s why our newest upgrade is all about streamlining the team process.

Version 2.0 offers a collaborative video cloud with unlimited collaborators, shared folders and our own unique features like ‘Group Control.’

LookAt lets you easily manage access to videos by groups. Reviewers see only the threads and action items relevant to them and production teams can communicate privately as needed.

Ready to create your free video review project? Sign into LookAt and get started!

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An Exciting Approach to Fine Art Academia


The typical workflow in filmmaking, video production, photojournalism, fine art and new media university programs is that of constant uploads and downloads of homework assignments, followed by in-class verbal critique of videos/performances.

It’s current structure is very time-consuming. That’s why facility at UCLA, USC, UCSD, Chapman University, Emerson College and other top universities are turning to collaborative clouds for video to experience quicker turnaround on edits, a smoother review process and gain a structured storage space that both the professor, student, peers and classmates have easy access to. Read more