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Editing Documentaries – A Foolproof Plan

Editing a documentary is no easy feat. Compared to edits of dramatic films, documentaries have an additional challenge of generating a narrative amidst a large, often disjointed pool of video footage. The documentary editor must bridge the gap between the vision of the director and the contextual needs of the audience, providing a compelling narrative that highlights the most important and moving elements of the story whilst establishing tone and character development. Read more

July’s Best Independent Video

July’s best independent video is here!

Roy Adin is a young independent video maker specializing in captivating audiences through imaginative special effects. His videos use creativity and quirkiness to challenge the status quo in a way that is both entertaining and clever. Adin’s most famous videos include Jumping through the Screens, Driving Drawing, and Control the Sun. See below to find out what inspires this young artist.

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Producing an animated video

Video marketing is one of the hottest trends out there. Nowadays, its almost unheard of to produce a content marketing or social media plan which does not include video. The reason for this is clear: everything you write about in your content is more engaging, interesting, and better explained through video. When it comes to producing  marketing videos, animation is the most popular choice since it’s much faster, easier to manage, inexpensive, and achieves same result as a live production video.

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Top 3 Best DSLR Cameras for Video Makers

With the release of BMCC back in 2012, many expert film professionals assumed that DSLR cameras would become obsolete. However, due to their durability and ability to produce high quality images from a variety of angles,  filmmakers are sticking with the DSLR camera, solidifying it as a go-to technology for video professionals.

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