January 23, 2017 Sander Bruggink

Review and approval of VR and 360 degree footage in Adobe projects: The New Dimension of Video Editing

We are entering an exciting age of technology. Computers will soon be able to work on a quantum level, movies are made in 3D, Artificial Intelligence is just around the corner and Virtual Reality is the latest way to consume media.

This exciting age opens up new ways of being creative, by telling a story in a 360 degree environment. Needless to say, these 360° videos have to be edited to perfection, just like regular videos, but with every new technology come new challenges.

The future is already here. Are we ready for it?

We all know collaboration services that allow multiple professionals to watch, comment and review the same video for the best possible outcome. Editing is ,after all, the assembling of a perfect puzzle with one perfect way to tell the story right. The entry of 360° video productions present a new challenge to the existing ways of editing, being that instead of just one way to tell the story, you now have to consider all the possible ways the viewer will watch it. Instead of just one framed image, the editor is working with a 360° canvas, which presents a whole new set of challenges as well as advanced new solutions.

While the leading editing software Adobe Premiere Pro CC already offers VR editing capabilities, LookAt is the only review and approval solution that supports VR content, allowing users to add comments anywhere on the 360° canvas.

Old problems, new solutions

Into this void entered LookAt latest technology – LookAt 360°. Lookat offers a collaborative spherical video player to upload and share 360° videos with team and clients in a private secure environment. The platform allows you to click on any point of the 360° video and write comments directly on the frame, manage dozens of stacked edits and versions simultaneously, and play versions side by side for comparison or stereoscopic view (right eye/left eye).

For video editors who work with Adobe premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC, this offers an even a greater advantage; Premiere Pro CC includes Adobe’s latest auto-aware VR feature, that seamlessly detects and applies the correct setting to stereoscopic and monoscopic media. More so, LookAt seamlessly integrates with both Premiere Pro and After Effects, allowing editors to view comments as markers right on their timeline while editing and export files for review in seconds, making any other options obsolete.

Integrated workflows – Looking at the big picture

The LookAt review and approval workflow is very simple and intuitive to use. You begin by uploading your 360° video directly from your Adobe Premiere Pro CC or After Effects CC suite. You can upload from your drive or any other cloud storage service as well. From here you continue with sharing the video with your team or clients. In a click of a button they will be invited to a private secured 360° video viewer, where they can comment directly on the footage. You can off course reply and discuss over comments and revisions.

Once you have a new version ready for review – simply upload the new version and the process starts again. Your collaborators can view versions side by side to make sure no revision was forgotten, and you can relieve yourself from tracking down and reading dozens of confusing emails and screenshots, knowing that all comments are easily organized in one place, in context with the actual video you are working on, right there in your Premiere or After Effects timeline.

Looking at a production in a larger scale than just the editing part, If you want to collaborate over designs, scripts, storyboards, soundtracks or any other production asset, you can do that as well. LookAt supports over 100 file formats, so you can share and receive feedback on virtually any type of file: PDF, Photoshop, Word, Excel, PPT, images, HTML and more, enabling you to manage all your production assets in one accessible cloud space.

The workings of the LookAt features can be quickly learned just by playing around with the app, using the trial and error method. If you’re like me and prefer to try things out and see where it leads you, you will find that it’s very intuitive and fun to learn. However, if you would like to read a manual or learn from tutorial videos, both methods are available for you on the LookAt website. Here you will be given a free 30 day free trial and will be able to check it out for yourself.

So are we ready for the future?

The future of 360° video editing is the same as its content; fast, collaborative, integrated into multiple software and tools, interactive. As it gets more and more advanced and exciting, it is clear that using integrated software and apps such as Premiere Pro and LookAt, allows you to gain the best possible result in the minimum amount of time and effort, without compromising even one bit of creative vision and demands. happy editing everybody.



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Sander Bruggink Freelance video- editor, script-writer and traveler with a Bachelor in Communication.