June 13, 2016 Inbal Voitiz

LookAt supports 100+ file formats

Great news! LookAt now supports over 100 file formats – Audio, Images, text, presentation, PDF and many many more – All with full commenting and versioning capabilities. You can share, comment, draw and flip between versions, just like in any video format.

Gone are the days that you had to store all your production assets in various computer folders, emails and different storage services. Now you can store and manage all you production assets in one place! Scripts, storyboards, designs, location and casting images, breakdowns and any other production asset you can think of – With LookAt you can keep it all in the same cloud space, access it from anywhere you want and keep track of your versions, comments and revisions.

Just upload any type of file to your LookAt dashboard and start collaborating!

What are you waiting for? Give it a try! Sign up to LookAt and get one free video project forever plus a 30-day unlimited trial account.



About the Author

Inbal Voitiz Inbal Voitiz is Co-Founder of LookAt, where she is focused on producing the tools for video professionals, so that brilliant, inspiring beautiful videos will come to life.