May 13, 2016 Inbal Voitiz

LookAt Meets Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects!

Big news! Today we are launching our new seamless integration with both Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects! Enjoy all the benefits of a review and collaboration tool right within your Adobe interface and throughout the entire project – from first cut to compositing and finishing!

As every video editor knows, editing is not necessarily the hardest part of the job. It is many times the back and forth review and approval by clients process that can be the most challenging and tedious part. Exporting, emailing, trying to make sure that you fully understand what the comments you received are referring to… so much hassle and room for miscommunication. Until today.

Our new review panel for Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects puts an end to the mess. Letting you focus on what you do best – edit amazing videos. The rest is on us.

LookAt Meets Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects

In just a click of a button you can:

  • Render sequences directly from your timeline to LookAt for review.
  • Share with other editors and team members. Receive feedback within the LookAt panel.
  • Synchronize comments to your sequence and view them as markers on your timeline as you edit.
  • See on-footage comments and drawing within your Adobe interface.

LookAt Meets Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects

LookAt’s review panel was designed to allow you to easily navigate between comments in your timeline and markers window, while maintaining the ability to see on-footage drawings in the panel itself, making sure you never lose any details or information.

LookAt Meets Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects

If you’re doing both the editing and the compositing for a project, you’re in for twice the fun! Use the LookAt panel during the editing stage in your Adobe Premiere Pro and continue exactly the same with compositing and finishing in Adobe After Effects. We’ve designed the LookAt review panel to work in the exact same way in both products! So that you can enjoy an easy seamless workflow.

What are you waiting for? The LookAt Panel is available to all LookAt users free of charge! Download the LookAt extension for Adobe Premiere Pro & Afer Effects and start using your LookAt panel today.


Download the Adobe LookAt extention for free!



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Inbal Voitiz Inbal Voitiz is Co-Founder of LookAt, where she is focused on producing the tools for video professionals, so that brilliant, inspiring beautiful videos will come to life.