March 9, 2016 Contessa Abono

VFX Breakdown – Deadpool

For the latest installment of our VFX breakdowns, we are showcasing the visual effects from the box office smash hit Deadpool. The rebellious superhero movie that has gone against the grain features VFX work by Rodeo FX, Atomic Fiction, Blur Studio, Digital Domain, Weta Digital, Luma Pictures, Ollin, Image Engine and Furiosus Effects.

FX Guide and CG Meetup showcase some cool noteworthy examples in their breakdowns below, while Vashi Visuals talks about his 9 months as the editorial consultant on Deadpool and offers a Premiere Pro preset for you to freely use on any of your own projects!

VFX Breakdown By FX Guide

In order to create the gigantic, metallic-covered character Colossuss in Deadpool, the filmmakers had to use five different performers (one on-set performer, Andrei Tricoteux, is 6 foot 9!), and some incredibly detailed visual effects.

On-set in Vancouver – the Colossus performer sometimes wore a gray tracking suit.


(Final shot with Digital Domain’s CG Colossus.)


VFX Breakdown By Rodeo FX



Rodeo FX completed 228 VFX shots for Deadpool. The studio, led by VFX supervisor Wayne Brinton, worked on complex sequences that required fire and embers, grotesque skin alterations, and set extensions. Rodeo FX brought its unique skills to this collaborative VFX effort. “I really appreciated the passion and artistry that Wayne and the Rodeo FX team brought to the show,” said Jonathan Rothbart, VFX supervisor on Deadpool.

VFX Breakdown By CG Meetup

Watch Deadpool VFX Breakdown slide images from VFX Studios: Atomic Fiction, Blur Studio, Digital Domain, Weta Digital, Luma Pictures, Rodeo FX & Image Engine in some of these key VFX scenes.

Vashi Visuals: Editorial Consultant on Deadpool 

Jarle created 7 custom handheld camera presets that could be applied directly onto clips and played back in real-time.

These Deadpool Premiere Pro Presets are available on your projects for free: here.

The presets work in all versions from Premiere Pro CS6 and later.

How the work was split amongst the VFX studios via Art of VFX interview with Jonathan Rothbart, Production VFX supervisor on Deadpool
Digital Domain (247 shots)
Supervisor: Alex Wang
– Colossus
– Crashing Carrier
– Angel Dust Fight
– Deadpool Meets Colossus (on overpass)

Atomic Fiction (247 shots)
Supervisor: Ryan Tudhope
– City Environment
– Freeway Chase
– 12 Bullets

Rodeo FX (228 shots)
Supervisor: Wayne Brinton
– Warehouse Fire Fight
– In the Rubble Pile (Env.)

Luma Pictures (161 shots)
Supervisor: Vince Cirelli
– Blood and guts
– Carrier Deck
– Mercenary Fight
– Deadpool v. Ajax

Weta Digital (265 shots)
Supervisor: Charlie Tate
– Deadpool Facial Animation
– Pretty much every part of the movie where Deadpool talks in his mask

Blur Studio (37 shots)
Animation Director: Franck Balson
Supervisor: Pauline Duval
– Scrap yard Battle
– Freeway Assault
– Opening Titles
– Hero Cab Ride
– In the Rubble Pile (Colossus)
– Opening Titles

Ollin (77 shots)
Supervisor: Charlie Iturriaga
– Hero Cab Ride (Car comps)
– Deadpool Cab Ride (Car comps)

Image Engine & Furious Effects (30 shots)
– Various sequences

(We also had an In-House team that did 160 shots.)

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