March 8, 2016 Contessa Abono

How to: Edit Multiple Video Versions while Staying Sane

Alternative versions of video are great for the creative process of video editing but how to narrow it down to THE one?

Many times you may not be sure what direction you want a particular element to go, or when collaborating with a production team you run into differences of opinion and need to sit down and democratically decide which components to keep.

In filmmaking and video making in general so much relies on the visuals as you’re dealing with script and story narrative which may carry symbolizing or metaphoric value. The color of the sky in a pivotal scene can completely change the overall mood of a film.

Also when layering in visual effects or making many edits you may not know what is different at all in a shot.

Maybe you are working on parallel editing.

Whatever the reason comparing versions, visual effects, color-grades or any differences can be a huge process. It’s difficult to see sometimes what the differences even are. This is why new technologies like comparing versions side-by-side with an easy split screen is so handy. It’s another tool in the video editor’s bag.


With LookAt’s new compare feature you easily compare video footage visually side-by-side. So let’s look at how exactly to structure the process and keep your sanity!

1. Gather and Upload all your Versions

Get organized by uploading all the versions in one place.

Upload the versions by going to the original video (soon to be version 1) and hit upload. This video version will be accessible in the video player screen as version 2.


2. View the Different Versions in a Split-Screen Player

Hit the compare button and select which version you need to work with. Control which version’s sound you hear with the speaker icon button (you can switch back and forth with either version’s sound if needed.)

3. Invite Collaborators and Gain Feedback

Invite your production team to the video discussion. They will see all the versions and you can discuss the changes together. If you need help on how to invite collaborators or create groups for videos check out this article.

4. Keep Uploading New Versions as Needed

You can upload an unlimited amount of video versions. All the video versions will be available to compare together using a simple press of a button. Keeping you organized and best of all sane!


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Contessa Abono Contessa is a journalist from the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in entertainment, online and photojournalism. She has written articles, shot photography and videography for many online and print publications such as SF Weekly, The Guardian, Guitar Player Magazine, The Press Newspapers and Pinpoint Music. Her favorite genre of film is documentary, usually about the supernatural or pop culture. She is also an avid pecan pie and kitten enthusiast.