February 14, 2016 Contessa Abono

New Version Comparison Feature

Comparing video versions has never been easier!

Tired of switching back and forth with your versions? Now you can compare them side-by-side with others.

Just go to one of your videos, hit compare and choose a version.

It will then appear next to the other video in a split screen.


Give it a try! Sign up to LookAt and get one free video project forever plus a 14-day unlimited trial account.



About the Author

Contessa Abono Contessa is a journalist from the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in entertainment, online and photojournalism. She has written articles, shot photography and videography for many online and print publications such as SF Weekly, The Guardian, Guitar Player Magazine, The Press Newspapers and Pinpoint Music. Her favorite genre of film is documentary, usually about the supernatural or pop culture. She is also an avid pecan pie and kitten enthusiast.