January 27, 2016 Contessa Abono

New Year, New Look. Version 2.0

Collaborate, share, discuss your videos the way you want! 

At LookAt, we know video collaboration is a team effort, that’s why our newest upgrade is all about streamlining the team process.

Version 2.0 offers a collaborative video cloud with unlimited collaborators, shared folders and our own unique features like ‘Group Control.’

LookAt lets you easily manage access to videos by groups. Reviewers see only the threads and action items relevant to them and production teams can communicate privately as needed.

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Now you can easily:

  • Discuss the same video project in multiple groups –  no need to keep re-uploading the video to create separate discussions
  • Create shared folders for a joint workspace
  • Sort by timecode in discussion groups
  • Share the video with unlimited collaborators


Share videos with unlimited private group discussions:


When you’re logged into LookAt, this is your dashboard. Here you can organize all the videos you’ve uploaded.

When you’re sharing a video you are allowing your work colleague, client or student/educator to now create their own private discussion with anyone — without involving the previous discussion. So basically, once you share a video with someone they can now create a new private group of their own with that video.


When you hit the share button on a video this window will appear. Here is where you will add people that you wish to share videos with. You can also control the settings for all your groups from here.

Type in their e-mail address and hit share. Now that person is added to that video’s specific group.

It’s simpler than ever to keep all your video edit discussions organized, private and accessible to the people who need to be in that conversation and keep out the people that don’t!

Share a whole group of videos within a folder:


You can put multiple videos into a folder. Then you can share the entire folder by hitting the share button on the folder.

When a folder is shared with an entire group, everyone has access to that folder’s content.

Now you know that everyone is instantly synced every time you put a new video into a shared folder.


When you hit the share button on a folder this is the window that will pop up. Add whomever you wish to share this folder with here.

Sort by timecode feature in discussion groups:

Now you have two ways to sort through the video comments:

  1. By timecode
  2. By user

You can sort comments by where they were made in the video or by the people that made them.


Hit the sort by timecode button to see comments when they appeared on the timecode. This window appears when you click on the video and are annotating.


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About the Author

Contessa Abono Contessa is a journalist from the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in entertainment, online and photojournalism. She has written articles, shot photography and videography for many online and print publications such as SF Weekly, The Guardian, Guitar Player Magazine, The Press Newspapers and Pinpoint Music. Her favorite genre of film is documentary, usually about the supernatural or pop culture. She is also an avid pecan pie and kitten enthusiast.