November 12, 2015 Contessa Abono

LookAt Survey: Most Used Video Editing Software


Here at LookAt we love to learn more about you, our users! So we asked what editing software you use most. That way we can keep improving LookAt’s compatibility for the top used video editing software. This is what you told us:

  • 40% Adobe Premier
  • 30% Avid
  • 13% After Effects
  • 10% Final Cut Pro
  • 7% Other (Camtasia, Snag it, Vegas)

Thanks for your answers. We will be polling again soon, so keep an eye out for updates and calls to vote, and let your voice be heard!




About the Author

Contessa Abono Contessa is a journalist from the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in entertainment, online and photojournalism. She has written articles, shot photography and videography for many online and print publications such as SF Weekly, The Guardian, Guitar Player Magazine, The Press Newspapers and Pinpoint Music. Her favorite genre of film is documentary, usually about the supernatural or pop culture. She is also an avid pecan pie and kitten enthusiast.