October 19, 2015 Adam Dunhoff

VFX BREAKDOWN – Game Of Thrones – Season 5

For October VFX breakdown, we are showcasing the visual effects from the TV show “Game of Thrones” which just won their fourth consecutive Emmy award for “Outstanding Special Visual Effects”. HBO selected six veteran VFX companies in order to produce each episode El Ranchito, Mackevision, Pixomondo, Rhythm & Hues, Image Engine and Rodeo FX.

Rodeo FX also produced the show this past season for the network.


For the second year in a row, they walked away with the award “Outstanding Special Visual Effects” for “The Dance of Dragons”, the ninth episode of Season 5.
Watch the VFX breakdown videos from all the studios mentioned below.


VFX Breakdown by Rodeo FX

Rodeo FX completed nearly 200 visual effects shots for the show. The studio used its expertise in animation, digital matte painting, and crowd simulation to create key sequences from scratch.

Notable VFX: The destruction of the Harpy statue atop the Meereen temple, the eerie Smoking Sea of Valyria, and the ancient city of Volantis.

Image Engine nominated for the 2015 Emmy for “Outstanding Special Visual Effects” by the Television Academy for their work on the series.

VFX Breakdown by Rhythm & Hues Studios

Rhythm & Hues Studios is an award-winning visual effects, company with over 175 credits, multiple Academy Awards, and multiple scientific technical achievement awards.

Here they show creature animation, effects, set extensions and 3D crowd duplication work.


VFX Breakdown by Mackevision

This video from Mackevision,  follows the before and after of various sets including Braavos, The Sept of Baelor, and King’s Landing!


VFX Breakdown by Pixomondo

 Pixomondo artists took home Outstanding Special Visual Effects honors for their work on the “Game of Thrones” season two finale, “Valar Morghulis”.


VFX Breakdown by El Ranchito

VFX Breakdown by Image Engine

Image Engine  studio was nominated for the 2015 Emmy for “Outstanding Special Visual Effects” by the Television Academy for their work on the series.

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