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Top Video Marketplaces That will Hire you Today

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Are you an ambitious video maker searching for a way to get hired by video marketplaces doing what you love? Are you ready to start making videos for paying customers?

Good, because we’re about to tell you everything you’ll need to know about the video marketplaces and why they are looking for people just like you.

with today’s video marketplaces, talented video makers can find projects to sink their teeth into suited specifically to their skill set

We know that videographers have the difficult task of finding work suited to their unique capabilities. Luckily, with today’s video marketplaces, talented video makers can find projects to sink their teeth into suited specifically to their skill set. No longer must video enthusiasts struggle to find an agent or a connection to start their career, rather they can take matters into their own hands and start receiving offers immediately.

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Okay, I’m in. So how do I get started?

Signing up for one of these marketplaces is a simple procedure, so there’s no reason to put it off until later. What registration truly comes down to are three short steps:

  • Profile Set-Up
  • Professional Experience
  • Browse and Pitch

Profile Set-Up

The first step of registration is to fill out basic personal information. With a few exceptions, video marketplaces won’t ask for PayPal/ credit card information until a time when it is relevant, i.e. when you have acquired a client.

Professional Experience

The next natural step of registration is presenting your portfolio of past projects, whether you worked alone or with others. Your portfolio serves one of two functions, depending which of the video marketplaces you end up joining: clients’ choice and field filter

Clients’ Choice – Based on your previous work, a client can decide for themselves whether they wish to hire you to work on their video or not. If, for example, a client sees that you have a good eye and have done good work in cinematography, they can proactively extend you an offer to work on their project.

A client sees that you have a good eye for cinematography, they can proactively extend you an offer to work on their project

Field Filter – When the marketplace receives a client’s video proposal, based on what the client is looking for, the proper talent will be notified. Say a client is looking for an animator to craft their video; there would be no sense in notifying anyone who doesn’t specialize in animation.

Browse and Pitch

After completing registration, you are free to search through projects and clients until those that pique your interest present themselves. Of course it is still a competitive market, so with that in mind, it’s important to distinguish yourself from the other talent. Use your unique skills to get noticed, get hired, and get out there.

Having made the process clear, let’s introduce you to the lineup of impressive video marketplaces that you can join today.

After completing registration, you are free to search through projects and clients until those that pique your interest present themselves

Video Marketplaces You Can Join Today

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A quickly rising site, Veed.Me is a great place to start off our list. With its unique platform, Veed.Me assures its talents of getting rewarded just as it assures its customers of receiving the highest quality product. If you want to be a part of something up and coming that’s taking the competition by storm, then join Veed.Me.

Key Points

  • Offers $1,000-$20,000 per video
  • Customers include Google, Waze, Check

Screenshot of the homepage for StudioNow Video Marketplaces


With 7,500 members, the talented community of StudioNow is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Inviting all types of videographers to join them in their venture, StudioNow promises to help ease the business transaction between their clients and their videographers. Focused on flexible and cost-effective services, whether you’re a client or a creative, StudioNow is a place you can trust.

Key Points

  • Most paid to an individual creative: $98,446
  • Customers Include: Coca-Cola, Verizon, Sports Illustrated

Screenshot of Wooshi Video Marketplaces Homepage


Wooshii’s global community of video creators and animators has shaped a very impressive and dynamic portfolio for the site. Having stated “We have more talent than Pixar”, Wooshii is an especially inviting place for people who specialize in animation, more so than its fellow competitors. In short, joining Wooshii could be your first step to a diverse and fun-filled career.

Key Points

  • An inviting place for animators
  • Customers include: Google, Intel, eBay

Screenshot of Videopixie's Video Marketplaces Homepage


Drawing in professional videographers from around the world, it’s no surprise that Videopixie is one of the best places to find work. Videographers registering with the site can work on projects of any size, whether it’s editing together a client’s wedding video or creating a music video for an up and coming artist. It’s the vast range of work that Videopixie can offer and its creatives that sets it apart from the other marketplaces.

Key Points

  • Offers $300-$30,000 per video
  • Operates using Field Filter

A screenshot of Smartshoots Video Marketplaces Homepage


At SmartShoot, you, as the creative, can find work with large enterprises, or perhaps a project that’s a little more local. Inviting photographers as well as videographers, SmartShoot prides itself on the 100,000+ successful on-location shoots that its creative community has been able to provide for their clients. So any project you want to tackle, big or small, SmartShoot will help make it happen.

Key Points

  • Operates using Clients Choice and Field Filter
  • Customers include: BMW, Expedia, Yelp

A screenshot of VideoBrewery Video Marketplaces Homepage


Handpicking their creative community, Video-Brewery promises nothing but the best quality service. Creatives over at the Video-Brewery browse ideas pitched by brands or companies and then suggest a video proposal in the hope of being selected for the task. Sign up to the Video – Brewery and who knows, the next time the television is on, you just might see your work on the screen.

Key Points

  • Requires a PayPal account upon registration
  • Customers include: Monololo, Vero, Upside

A screenshot of Filmzu Video Marketplaces Homepage


Their stated goal: pairing the top 10% of digital content producers in the world with the top premium brands and businesses in the world. Strongly backing the belief that video is one of the top forms of effective communication today, Filmzu strives to deliver top quality content to top quality customers.

Key Points

  • Customers include: Pixar, Kickstarter, Dollar Shave Club

So there you have it. You now know the video marketplaces and what you have to do to join any one of them, all that’s left for you to do is see which of them are right for you.

Whichever way you choose- LookAt can help you manage the production and save valuable time and money throughout the process.


We love talking to our readers. If you join one of these marketplaces, want to hear more about these or other topics have ideas for future posts, think we missed something here or anything else, and please let us know in the comments.



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