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July’s Best Independent Video

July’s best independent video is here!

Roy Adin is a young independent video maker specializing in captivating audiences through imaginative special effects. His videos use creativity and quirkiness to challenge the status quo in a way that is both entertaining and clever. Adin’s most famous videos include Jumping through the Screens, Driving Drawing, and Control the Sun. See below to find out what inspires this young artist.

Q:  Why do you make videos?

I make videos because I love and enjoy it. My movie making process requires creative thinking, massive planning, and out of the box techniques. The best part is creatively solving problems during the production process.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?

My ideas come to me in the least unexpected moments.  For example,  I can be walking along the beach when suddenly I think about how cool it would be to reach out and move the sun. This thought inspires me to create a film that explores the possibility.

Q: What is the most enjoyable part of your work?

My favorite part of film making is special effects editing since I can use innovative visual  technology to  change and play around with the world I live in. To me, this is where the magic happens

Q: What is the hardest part?

The most challenging part is to find a unique, original idea.  At the same time, this is also what makes this type of work interesting.

Q: Who is your inspiration?

Right now, Zach King is my greatest source of inspiration. Even more than the amazing videos he makes, I love the  way he uses film to tell a full story using complex human emotions. He can be funny, surprising,  and unexpected all within a few seconds

Q: What tools do you use?

I start by shooting with Panasonic 101 video camera. Then I add effects with Adobe After Effects and edit the sound with Adobe Premiere. I also use Photoshop sometimes for some of the effects.

Q: What is the most exciting response you got?

It’s hard to pick just one since I get excited each time someone responds emotionally to my videos. I was very flattered when I was asked to do a TV interview as well as when the CEO of a major agency invited me to work as their filmmaker at the age of fourteen

Q: What would you like to achieve in your life?

I am currently fulfilling my dream. In the future, I want to develop further into the film industry and someday own my own movie productions studio.

You can follow Roy on YouTube and Facebook




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