February 27, 2015 Yonathan Gur Zeev

Best Background Music for Videos

When producing a video, you should keep in mind that you really only have that one chance to make that first impression. Connecting to your audience is not only something that should be done visually and through a story, but also should connect with them via sound. The ears. It is this combination that will pull viewers In and create a bond between them and your brand.

The power of music has the ability to deepen the bond that your captive audience has and can draw new audiences closer in to listen to your message.

Here are 5 top guidelines when choosing the best background music for videos:


No matter if you are creating an original feature score and hire a top composer, paying a licensing fee to include a track from a popular film, or do it from your Apple, you might pay anywhere from 10-1000 dollars USD. Know what you have to work with and plan accordingly.

Power of Tech

Technology has made it so simple that whether you are a large producer or one just starting out, you can gain access to the same library of music that everyone else has access to. The filtered searches on many of them get down to a very detailed level where you can search by genre, density, instrumentation and other specs. Based on what the music is used for, you will be charged varying fees.

Bedtracks and PremiumBeats are just two music services you should check out.

So, you might not have enough in your coffers to license Indiana Jones intro music or the Seinfeld jingle, but know that there is much great music out there from deceased composers. After a while their music becomes part of the public domain.

Speak to your audience through music

Some of things you need to take into account when choosing music for your video, are the demographics of your audience. What if they include 3 different generations? You will want to find music that speaks to all of them on some level. Do you want to use music that alternates between and mixes moods? If launching a product through video, it might pay off to use a composer to meld the music with your message. Hiring a composer will more than likely make your message even stronger What if you have a varied audience you are trying to connect to?

Consider hiring a composer

When there are many mood changes in your video, you might want to bring a composer in, to give your video that added dimension. When you bring on a composer, they can communicate various moods to your audience to further connect them to your message


Known as Pacing, you want to choose a track with a regular rhythm that will enable you to set starts and stops to accentuate vital parts of the message. Total stops are a great way to isolate parts of your message and once it is communicated to reintroduce perhaps another piece immediately afterward.