January 25, 2015 Inbal Voitiz

5 Game Changing Apps for Video Editors

In an age where yep, you guessed it, “there’s an app for that” it’s certainly no surprise that video editors would see their fair share of apps to aid them in the editing process. With a lot of increased competition in the video marketing field, customers are less likely to spend time watching your 10 minute nonsense video of how to deconstruct your iPhone.

As video is taking up a larger portion of major company’s digital ad spend, us professional video editors ought to step up our game. Video editing apps can help you to cut down some of your excess footage, and throw in some other entertaining effects to capture your audience’s attention.

Don’t all race to the app store at once, but these are the 7 most game changing apps for video editing in the professional realm that can help you pre and post production.


AirGrade is a free app that helps video editors with their color grading effects. The app functions essentially as a remote control on your iPhone to connect with the AirGrade auxiliary program installed on your Mac’s hard drive.

This app aims to simulate the industry standard for a physically controlled surface on the screen of your iPhone. Visual rotary, trackball controls, and other sophisticated color tools are made available via your iPhone screen in order to interact with your Mac monitor in high res. This is a great app whether you enjoy playing around with video and color perception for fun, or if you’re an industry professional colourist experimenting with looks for your set.


Aspect Ratio Calcultor

aspect-ratio-calculatorIn order to ensure you’re working on the right pixel dimensions for your video footage it’s essential you use an aspect ratio calculator. As a video editor, you know how much it sucks to finish editing a complete project only to realize your resolution is totally messed up.

The aspect ratio calc app prevents this from happening by putting this calculator computing in the palm of your hands with your smartphone. The app provides all of the presets for the industry standards to help aid you through the process, as well as allowing you to create your own custom presets. These custom presets can be saved through the cloud so you can retrieve them when working on your desktop later.


Final Cut Pro Field Guide

Final Cut Pro - field guide

If you’re looking for a post-production application that can help you with all of your Final Cut pro needs, this app is a must have. This Final Cut Pro Field Guide is jam-packed with information regarding Final Cut Pro, help if you’re troubleshooting, a comprehensive list of all of the keyboard shortcuts for Final Cut Pro, etc.

As you all know the video editing field is one that is constantly changing. In order to keep up with the fast paced field Final Cut Pro is constantly evolving their product by changing video formats, new cameras, etc. to give you the latest information. This field guide app will keep you up to date on all of these frequent changes and give you step by step instructions on the range of features.



Pro PromoterIt happens, your actors are only human and sometimes they forget their script. Or maybe you’re throwing your production together last minute and your impromptu actor didn’t get a chance to rehearse anything. This is where ProPrompter comes in turning your mobile device into a professional teleprompter.

The app gives you the ability to customize everything from the font, scroll speed, text size, etc. This is great for shooting commercials, videos, field reports, and speeches look more professional.



Last but certainly not least, is LookAT -providing a collaborative cloud for video where everyone on your team can easily review and comment on work in progress in a clear and organized way – frame by frame. Reviewing the work as a team can be slow and painful; Long downloads, confusing comment threads and version chaos waste time, invite errors and compromise video quality. LookAt changes all that. LookAt beta users report significant time savings and a vastly simpler review process when they communicate using the platform.




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