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5 Tools Every Successful Creative Director Needs To Know

When several project deadlines loom over your head, work becomes frantic as your team races to complete projects. Unfortunately, quality suffers and tensions rise as a result. Let’s take a look at 5 tools that help you meet deadlines and easily come up with the right visual references so everyone on the team will be on the same page. Read more

Review and approval of VR and 360 degree footage in Adobe projects: The New Dimension of Video Editing

We are entering an exciting age of technology. Computers will soon be able to work on a quantum level, movies are made in 3D, Artificial Intelligence is just around the corner and Virtual Reality is the latest way to consume media.

This exciting age opens up new ways of being creative, by telling a story in a 360 degree environment. Needless to say, these 360° videos have to be edited to perfection, just like regular videos, but with every new technology come new challenges.

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6 Technology Trends for Creative Directors

What are the most common trends among creative directors worldwide? A survey of international creative agencies from Berlin, NY, London, Hong Kong, to Paris and Tel Aviv revealed six prevailing trends. Glean the wisdom of acclaimed ad agencies and join the ranks of top media innovators.

Transforming original concepts into compelling ad campaigns seems simple in theory. But in practice it can be another story. One of the main obstacles is time lost on the logistics of the collaborative process. Key trends in 2016 indicate that creatives increasingly rely upon the leading digital tools to manage their workflows. Media teams need solutions for smoother communication, novel ways of capturing animation, real-time video collaboration, sharing files, client review and approvals. These trends will get your creative juices flowing without the frustration of keeping everyone up to speed on the latest project version. Read more